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Hispanic-Influenced Eclectic

Every inch of this home brings a unique aspect to show off this hispanic-influenced eclectic style home. For instance, the couch in the living room, although beige, has very obvious threads and almost looks as if the the couch were made of burlap. The chairs across from the couch are fashioned from dark wood and cowhide. Additionally, very colorful textures and tribal patterns can be seen in the woven rugs, pillows, and chairs. However, it is truly the decor pieces of this home, the sculptures, the paintings on the walls, the decorative trinkets, vases, and bowls, which draw our eyes around the room with their particular features, that make this house special. And before you go, be sure the check out the second living space in the main house of this home. Although this room is styled with less traditional, cool colors, it still brings that spanish influence with its blue decor!

Additionally, Rooms.com would like to recognize. . .
Jackie Currie as the designer of this beautiful home, &
Lisa Hinson from Five D Media/5D Photography for photographing, creating and submitting the model of this home!

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